I am writing a cozy mystery series with a female artist as the sleuth. Here is a teaser for the first book in the series.

Murder en Plein Air, A Maggie McGuire Mystery

Divorced mid-fifties Maggie McGuire moves to charming Hillside to pursue her dream of becoming a successful artist. An outdoor painting event ends on a sour note when the local librarian is found floating in the river and the chief suspects are the hot-headed boyfriend and the greedy local developer. 

Maggie’s patience is tested when she is hired to teach a children’s art class on Impressionism with artist Barb Daniels. Globe Gallery, the hot new gallery in town, has accepted Barb’s floral watercolour paintings and her arrogant overbearing manner sets Maggie’s teeth on edge. The summer heats up with a potential romance, a series of disturbing events, a second murder and the discovery of some very interesting secrets.