Portraits can shape the way others view us,  reveal clues about our personalities and when created in the manner of the Surrealists, pose questions about our subconscious. 

In the first series, the subject sits in front of a chalkboard. Each person has drawn images on the board that relate to themselves and in doing so, they reveal something about their inner thoughts and emotions.

What is on their mind at that moment? How are they feeling? 

The second series looks at portraiture from a surrealist viewpoint using concealment and manipulation to raise questions about identity. Are there multiple sides of our personalities? Where do our thoughts come from? Do we have both dark and light sides? How do place and geography define who we are? 

Who am I?

In 2013, my family hiked the Juan de Fuca Trail on the west cost of Vancouver Island. I documented the beautiful coastline in this book available through Blurb.  Click on the following link to see a sample of the book. 

Juan de Fuca Trail